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Friday, August 5, 2011

Making Cakes and Raising Kid's

So much on my mind this morning. As most of you know I am trying to build a cake business. I have been cake decorating for 12 years and in 2007 when I had my 2nd child I had the opportunity to stay home. The 1st year was a year that just about any mom experiences with a baby and a 3 year old "NO SLEEP"!!! Then after I decided to start making cakes out of my home. A cake here and a cake there. I am now overwhelmed!!!!! But, a very greatful overwhelming feeling. My dilema is balancing my 2 children and working out of my home. There is a lot of guilt and many days where the children's video's are my and their best friends. I know many mom's would  not agree with that...but, what do you do???? There are time's when the days are theirs and cake baking comes at 9 pm. after they go to bed .  Or I am up at 6 putting a cake in the oven. I will admit by that time I am exhausted and not a fun person to be around.(ask my husband of 10 years). My 7 year old actually asked me if I ever sleep??? My response was ..."Why do you ask?" (I will call her Bean) Bean responds with.."because when I go to bed you are awake and when I wake up you are already awake."

They get really upset when I am baking and decorating cakes. Little do they understand this is for them. My husband never get's asked the question "Why do  you have to work all of the time?" HMMMM???  Love them both more than anything in this world. Just trying to walk a tight rope  hoping to  maintain balance in this world of parenting! Happy Friday!!

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